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So, recently I went on another beach holiday as my boyfriend’s (Tom) family is visiting from the UK. We stayed at our favourite beach resort in Pranburi, Thailand called Aleenta. It’s a small resort with only under 30 beach villas, which means that you never really run into any other vacationers. But what completely won us over about this particular resort is the fact that they are highly environmental conscious and do whatever they can to get involved with the local community, teaching the local children of sustainability and how to grow their own vegetables. I strongly encourage all of you who are planning a beach holiday in Thailand to plan yourselves a good few days at Aleenta!

But of course, beach holiday means ‘beach look’ opportunity! I recently bought these fantastical pants from Topshop x Kate Moss and I just wish I could wear them everyday! They are extremely comfortable and the flared legs play to my advantage as they help elongate my legs!

This look in particular is significant to me as it is the launch of mine and Element 7 Style exciting team up to give you all an awesome deal on their badass body chain designs! Use code ‘NunStyle’ at checkout on Element 7 Style website for a 10% discount on all their items! Grab yours before you miss this promotion!

Body Chain: Element 7 Style

Wide Pants: Topshop

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

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    • Hi! Pranburi is right next to Hua Hin! The beaches there are more private than hua hin and much cleaner! Defo check out the place! Xx

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