We’ve been very busy recently preparing and doing a fashion shoot for our clothing brand, Nün Bangkok, new Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I won’t go into detail about that now as I’ll write up a proper article on the the inspiration behind this collection and the process that went into it later! It’s been extremely fun and tiring at the same time, but it’s good to be keeping busy on what you love doing! As well as working on our new collection, we’ve still managed to fit in time to shoot my outfit posts almost everyday and in the evenings Tom and I would try to go to the cinema and get engrossed in a good film! It’s important to still find time to wind down and do something else that’s not evolved around your work.

This look I would say is almost a revisit of my style that I was very nuts about when I first started blogging! My obsession with loud leggings went completely out of control last year and printed, crazy leggings were all I wore! Only at the beginning of this year did I decide to branch out a little more and curb my obsession for leggings but this look I would say has been fun to put together and I felt extremely nostalgic bustin’ out this look with these really comfortable Taberou leggings! It feels awesome to revisit old loves sometimes.

Top: Poprageous

Leggings: Taberou

Necklace: Shantique Designs

Body Chain: Element 7 Style

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell – Coltranes

Bag: Chanel

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru





2 responses

  1. I used to be obsessed with leggings back in my tumblr (embarssing) days lol. I can see why you were obsessed with them, that’s because you look great in them! I really like this casual look. I can’t wait to see the finishing touches of your clothing brand. I know it’s going to be great!♡

    xx AlexisSplash


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