We have finally launched our Nün Bangkok second collection WILD BIRD! This has been a much anticipated moment for Tom and I, and the rest of the Nün Bangkok team! We have been working on the designs since the beginning of this year and have had many frustrating moments where we hit creative blocks. But eventually with lots of research and support from one another, we powered through and here we have our new collection!

The initial idea was to add more colour to the collection but to still somehow stay true to our branding. After weeks of browsing endlessly on the internet for an inspiration, we came across a beautiful picture of cute little bird called the Honeycreeper.


Its stunning vibrant colours with contrasting coloured wings sealed the deal for us. We decided to base the entire collection off of its bold contrasting colours whilst still incorporating our signature mesh panels. This design is seen most clearly in the Honeycreeper dresses (see below), with their bright front and back, contrasting with a different coloured side mesh panel.The remainder of the collection is an expansion of these initial design ideas.



The rest of the research time was spent pouring through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of different exotic birds to try and see what other kinds of shapes we could play with. The one that stood out to use immediately is a bird called the Black Saddle Homer Pigeon.


Its distinctive black wings create a graphically appealing side panel now seen on our Black Saddle dress (see below). And after having researched so many 60s style clothing and have long abandoned the idea, I couldn’t resist putting this bold geometric shape on a cute 60s inspired silhouette dress.


If I had to choose my personal favourite from this collection (a difficult choice!), it would have to be the Pygmy Owl Set (see below)! I just love the loose cut on both the top of the bottoms, making the entire outfit look more relaxed, contrasting with the plunging neckline and the daring side mesh panels makes for a very interesting outfit! I would also pair this entire outfit with a pair of badass sneakers (most likely my Nike Air), going for casual chic!

You guys can check out the rest of the collection on our Nün Bangkok website at www.nunbangkok.com

Clothing Designs: Nün Visitsak & Tom Shigeru Stannard

Photographer: Narin (Pan) Visitsak

Photo Processor: Tom Shigeru Stannard

Model: Eye Sarucha

Wardrobe: Sukanya Somasavachai

Hair: Fah

Makeup: Oat




10 responses

  1. Congrats on the new collection! I’m totally in love and the inspiration for the collection is amazing! My favorites from the collection is the Pygmy Owl set and the Anhinga top! The cuts and your signature mesh panels make each piece so unique♡

    xx AlexisSplash


    • AAhh thank you thank you! It really means a lot! We spent a lot of time working on this, so to hear such lovely words is such a motivation booster! Thanks again, you are amazing ❤

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