Reckless Abandon


This is the last batch of photos from the most recent beach holiday I went on. On our way leaving the beach town, we came across this abandoned area as we were driving. We couldn’t help but to get out and take some pictures as there was literally no one around and we simply couldn’t miss such an interesting looking location!
We were a tad wary when we first pulled into the location. We wondered around without our gear first to do a quick sweep of the place to make sure there are no people hanging around there, and most importantly, that there were no gang of stray dogs that have claimed this place as their home.
Once we observed that the place was safe enough, we went back to the car and got out our gear. This was actually one of the most fun shoots we have had in a while as it was not just a photoshoot, but it was an adventure as well, exploring what we are guessing is an abandoned warehouse. The place was absolutely humungous, with all four walls filled with colourful graffiti clearly done by all different artists. It was evident that we weren’t the only ones to have seen potential in this place that has been renounced.

Hat: Lack Of Colour
Swimsuit (Worn as top): Nün Bangkok (Get it here)
Pants: Nün Bangkok (Get it here)
Necklace: Bleu Print
Bag: La Moda
Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)


IMG_2509et IMG_2555et

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