Industrial Revolution


It’s been quite a while since I last put up a blog post, I’ve been meaning to do this since last week but I’ve been so busy I literally couldn’t find the time. But here we are and I’m finally doing it.

Last week has been super hectic with so many things going on! I met up with Eugenie (Feral Creature) and Natalie (Nalieli) who were visiting from LA and also Melody (Missing Avenue) from Singapore. We practically spent almost everyday together, hanging out, shopping, taking pictures and eating tons of Thai food. Sometimes I feel so far away from the rest of the world being one of the few fashion bloggers in Bangkok, but it’s times like these that I feel location doesn’t matter anymore as the world has become increasingly smaller. We had a great week together and I feel blessed to have made new friends. And although I did not want them to leave, I know our lives must carry on and I’m sure at some point we shall all reunite again!

Crop Top: Educate Elevate

Shorts: Nün Bangkok (Get it here)

Necklace: Empty Casket

Backpack: Kara

Creepers: T.U.K.

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)






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    • aw thank you so much gorgeous! I feel the same way about you! I will definitely let you know if I ever head over your way! ❤

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