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I’m usually not a fan of writing specifically about a brand but this one is different. My friend, View, is a self made Thai fashion photographer who has had no background in fashion but has managed to get herself fully involved in the Thai fashion industry from her talents alone. She has shot for many acclaimed magazines and renowned Thai fashion brands and I have always been impressed with her work and how far she is come in such little amount of time.

About a year ago she has ventured deeper into the fashion industry by starting up her own brand, Viewzfinder Brand, in which she and her boyfriend design their own clothes, choose their own materials, and of course, shoot their own stuff. I’ve had a chance to do a blog post with her garment before in my very first post on called Where The Wild Things Are which happens to be one of my favourite shoots of recent times.

I see a lot of similarities in View’s story and mine, right down to the fact that she owns her own clothing line with her boyfriend. It is extremely inspiring to come across such passionate people and to see them do so well because they remind you that hard work does pay off! Please don’t forget to pop by and check out her store, she ships worldwide and she sells on her instagram and her facebook brand page.

Fringe Top: Viewzfinder Brand

Jewellery: Balance Jewellery

High Waisted Jeans: American Apparel

Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell (Get them here)

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)




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