So, I can’t believe I’m here again writing about yet another collection Tom and I just released for our brand, Nün Bangkok! It really seems like time has flown by since the Wild Bird collection and it’s even more surreal to think that we are now on our third collection.

The biggest challenge for this collection is the fact that we had to design for warmer clothes without losing our signature mesh that is our brand identity. Wild Bird was all about plunging necklines and see through side mesh paneling, airy and summer ready. After drawing out a few sketches of warmer pieces and having those prototypes made, we quickly realised what it was that this collection needed. It needed mesh. And not just plain mesh, but solid mesh detailing.


The Chinook Hoodie (Black)


The Bora Scarf


The Chinook Hoodie (White)

Once we had the mesh details put in, that was it. We had fallen completely in love with this new take on how Nün Bangkok ties in mesh to our pieces. It is minimal, it is subtle, it is sport lux, it is Nün Bangkok. And whilst talking through our work one evening and discussing the name to the new collection, Tom had blurted out, ‘Tundra’. Again, it was love at first sound, if you may call it that. The subtle yet strong sounds of ‘Tundra’ suited this collection perfectly.

From there we progressed with the new collection with confidence and passion for our new theme whilst not forgetting that not the entire world is having to brave the cold!


The Cold Front Dress


The Dust Devil Bomber

Our theme from the beginning of Nün Bangkok has been our all-mesh, completely see through pieces. And as our brand released more styles, we’ve always made sure to release a few more pieces of our much loved all-mesh pieces! This time around we have released three new all-mesh pieces. One of our best seller The Tank Slapper Pants now available in all-mesh! One of our best selling jacket The Lane Splitter Bomber from our first collection now available in all-mesh. And last but certainly not least, an entirely new piece called The Downdraft Skirt which is a drawstring maxi skirt that is all-mesh, giving you the room for creativity of what you want to style underneath it!


The Helios Crop

The Helios Crop would have to be one of my favourite pieces from Tundra as it’s a cross breed of summer and winter. Inspired by our best selling crop top, The Roadrunner Crop, we decided to carry on the love for this signature bottom mesh lining and made it a little more winter friendly. But the best thing about this top would have to be that, you don’t have to be in the blizzard to rock it, and you don’t have to be in the tropics either. You can be anywhere in the world, and make this top work!

The shoot day went perfectly as we had our usual tried and trusted, Nün Bangkok team and the support from all of you from our social media pages to keep us going!

Please do head over to www.nunbangkok.com and check out all our hard work! And if you happen to fancy any of the pieces, we are doing a Christmas sale at the moment! Just enter the code XMASMIRACLE at checkout to retrieve a 20% discount on the entire store! Hurry though, sales finish at the end of 1st December!


Designers: Nün Visitsak & Tom Shigeru Stannard

Photographer: Narin Visitsak

Model: Eye Sarucha

Wardrobe: Jen Somasavachai & Aew Visitsak

Makeup: Fah

Hair: Oat



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