The Next Chapter


Some of you may already have heard the news from my social media pages, Tom and I are engaged! We have been together for seven years and we are both thrilled to be entering a new chapter of our life together. And because I truly do live out my life pretty much on the internet, I have decided that on this extremely special and personal occasion, I shall be keeping Tom’s sweet proposal just to ourselves as a personal memory for just us to cherish.

I feel that 2014 had been the year where things started to pick up, whether it be the blog, the brand and personal relationships in my life. And because last year was all about developing these aspects of my life, I feel that this year is going to be all about dreaming bigger and chasing larger goals. I felt that last year I had been in limbo about a lot of things but I had begun to feel more confident as the year was coming to an end as things had worked themselves out and everything had all turned out for the better. And because everything had been resolved last year, I feel that it has allowed room for 2015 to begin, trouble free, full of hopes and dreams. Everyday I find myself smiling to myself about everything that is about to happen and all the possibilities that are out there in the world for both Tom and I to enjoy and conquer. Bring on 2015! I have never been more ready!

Faux Fur Vest: DKNY

Top: House Of Sunny

Shorts: American Apparel

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Bag: Chanel

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)











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