Grey Matter


A big THANK YOU to everyone that read my latest article on my Instagram Top Tips! I’m so glad that all of you enjoyed it and found it useful! There’s nothing better than spending a long time planning out and writing such a detailed article and finding out that everyone enjoyed it. You guys are making me want to plan out yet another Top Tips article. Not sure what on yet though, but here are a few ideas I’ve got so far:

1) How to take and colour correct the perfect #selfie!

2) How to take the perfect full body #ootd with your phone!

3) What it takes to be a blogger (essentials)

4) How to gain followers and does it even matter?

So, what do you guys think? Anything on that list that suits your fancy? Or if you’d like to suggest anything, I’d love to hear what you guys would like to hear about! After all, I AM writing this for you guys! So do let me know what you want!

Shorts: American Apparel

Coat: Topshop

Bodychain: July July Dream

Rings: Good After Nine

Sneakers: Nike – Roshe

Photography by Tom Shiger Stannard (@tomshigeru)










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