What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger


I did contemplate a lot about writing this article as I think that it is quite soon, considering I am still building my fan base and I’ve got a long way to go yet in my blogging career. But then I figured, when would actually be the right time? So why not, I’m sure all of you that have been with me this far would want to read this and as a thank you for all your constant support, I shall be sharing with you all my thoughts on blogging and what it takes to be a blogger!


Blogging is a self-employed job that requires a superhuman amount of self-discipline as everything you do is ALL homework. There is no such thing as leaving work at the office, and there is no such thing as working hours. A blogger does not wait for someone to tell them what to do next or what the next project is going to be. It is ALL up to you.

You see, it all sounds peachy and simple enough, but if you still think that then you’re not immersing yourself enough with your blogging career. If you have hung out with me (or any other fashion bloggers before) you’d notice that we’re practically taking photos of things all day. This is because not every photo is worth posting and maybe out of a hundred photos you take a day, you might only get to use a couple from that particular day. If you’re a blogger and you’re taking photos once every few days, you need to step up your game and secure your online presence!

Everyday. No kidding. You should be posting at least one photo everyday on all your social media platforms. Our society is extremely fast paced and people don’t wait for you! If you disappear often, your fan base would really rather follow someone else who is consistent and can give them a daily dose of what they want. It doesn’t have to always be an outfit post. Your fans want to get to know you on a personal level, they want to know what you get up to. So let them know what you’re eating today, who you’re hanging out with or share with them the scenery in front of you. If anything, it is better not to post a ton of outfit posts after another as it could get extremely repetitive, especially if you’re taking all your photos in the same room over and over again. Post often and give your fans variety!

As a blogger, you live out your career in photos and on the social media so therefore it is extremely important that you know your best angles! And how do you find this out? Practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror! Find out which side of your face is your ‘good’ side. This staring at yourself in the mirror is not out of vanity, but it’s part of your research in knowing your own branding, which is yourself!

As mentioned earlier, your fans want to get to know you! So BE. NICE! Try as much as you can to interact with your fans. I know it’s impossible to reply to every single comment that pops up on your photo, but do interact somewhat. Let them know that there is a kind and friendly person behind your instagram account and that you are just like everyone else. This is the whole appeal as to why bloggers have blown up in the recent years. Because we are not celebrities, we are not models, but we are more like your good friend that posts awesome photos of their awesome outfits and things they’re getting up to! Bloggers offer an extremely relatable look into the world of fashion without being completely intimidating.

As a blogger, you would have realised by now that you do interact with different brands a whole lot. Because you hardly ever do get to meet in person, it is very important that you are friendly, respectful and show that you are reliable to the brands. Essentially, they are giving you their products (and even paying you! Depending on where you are in your blogging career) so you need to offer them that security that you can be trusted to represent their products, and to post within a certain amount of time.

Every photo you post must be of amazing quality! This is extremely important because your social media pages is your resume for different brands looking to hire you and they need to know that you present your photos in an interesting manner and in the best possible photo quality (no pixelations, good colour treatment, etc…) so if they browse your instagram and all they see is pixelated images, shot in dark places, etc… most likely they will not contact you as they cannot guarantee you will represent their brand well. Show everyone that you’ve got a strong visual eye, that you can produce top quality images that is true to your own style.

Know what your fan base are looking for in your posts! Don’t keep posting things you know does not quite grab the attention of your readers. Study your own social media pages and know what kind of posts generate the best responses so that you can produce material that is still true to who you are, and that your fans love seeing so that they will stick around to see more of it!

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So those are the basics of what it takes to be a fashion blogger! I hope you guys found that useful! These are the things that I do every single day, from the moment I wake up all the way till the moment I go to sleep. Luckily for me this all comes very naturally and I love immersing myself in this blogging life. Everything I do throughout the day is yet another photo opportunity for me and I have so much fun in producing new photos and interacting with all you lovely people on all my pages! Blogging is not just a career, but it is a way of life. So if you’ve chosen the blogging life, I’d better see you fiddling with your phone, taking pictures of things all day and completely loving every moment of it!

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

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  1. You have killer style, but I’m loving these “blogging theory” posts a lot as well 🙂 I’m constantly snapping everything around me too, it’s harder now it is winter and the light is scarce… I wonder if I should get some quality lighting for my iPhone photos 🙂

  2. You have killer style but I love these “blogging theory” posts a lot as well 🙂 I’m always snapping everything around me with my phone as well. It gets harder now it’s winter and the light is scarce… Maybe I should consider getting a quality light source for my iPhone photos 🙂

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