City Expeditions


Both Tom and I are literally OBSESSED with finding new locations to shoot! If one of us is driving, the other one who’s not driving will be the one scouting out every nook and cranny of Bangkok to see if there are any potential location we can shoot at. This began as quite a tedious task as let’s face it, it’s really not easy to find interesting looking places to take pictures at a few times every week. Initially we had resorted to shooting at one location over and over again (if you have followed me from the start, you’d know which location I’m talking about!) but eventually once the fan base started to grow, we realised that our readers deserved better content and that we should put more effort into shooting our looks!

Although it is still a constant challenge, we have fully embraced this as one of our activities now and we get giddy from excitement every time we discover a new location. It has become our hobby that we do together, getting in the car and sometimes driving aimlessly until we find a spot that we love. It’s now a part of our city adventures and every day off we have is spent in the car seeing what new places we can unearth.

I am so happy that we decided to get ourselves out of our comfort zone and struggled for something new and exciting for the blog. Remember to always keep challenging yourselves and pushing yourselves further. But most importantly, remember to HAVE FUN with it! There is so much more to be achieved and I just can’t wait to see what more challenges lie ahead of us!

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)




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