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So, I know I’ve been pretty on-and-off with blogging lately but it’s not because I’ve abandoned you guys! As some of you may know, my fiance (Tom) and I own our own clothing line Nün Bangkok and so right now we’re in the middle of putting together our Spring/Summer collection that we’re planning on launching next month! We do everything ourselves from designing, choosing the fabrics and testing out prototypes to make sure that everything is as we want it. So there, that’s why I’ve not been as present on here. But as the preparations are drawing to an end now and the whole collection is almost ready, I’m planning on showing myself around here a lot more!

I’m thinking about my next ‘Top Tips’ article and I’m considering doing a colour treatment one. Any thoughts? Because after all, this is for you guys so I want to be able to provide content that you guys would find helpful!

Shirt: Tobi

Pants: Nün Bangkok (Preview of Spring/Summer 2015)

Bag: Prada

Hat: Lack Of Color

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)




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  1. I recently found nunbangkok through pomelo, and I absolutely adore all of the pieces! Such a shame the pygmy shorts sold out, but I wear size 4 so it wouldn’t have fit anyways. Really excited to see your upcoming collection!

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