My Blue Hair! – 10 FAQs answered!

IMG_1723etI think it’s about time I did this! I get asked daily, questions about my hair so thank you everyone for showing so much interest! I tried my best to answer all of the FAQs that have been raised throughout the recent months, but if I did miss anything just ask them again and I could always do a “Hair FAQs Answered – Part II!”

Here we go:

1) “What brand and colour is your hair?”
I get my hair dyed at the salon and they mix their own colour for me so this isn’t a store bought colour. But I do know that the brand use is Schwarzkopf.

2) “How often do you re-dye your hair?”
Roughly once every three months.

3) “How often do you wash your hair?”
Once or twice a week. The more you wash your hair, the more quickly the colour fades.

4) “How do you maintain your colour”
– I wash my hair as little as I can.
– I use dry shampoo so that I can go on living when I’m not washing my hair.
– I wash my hair in cold water (hot water washes the colour much quicker)
– I avoid chlorine and salt water (beaches) as they strip the colour from your hair the fastest.

5) “Do I have to bleach my hair to get blue hair?”
YES! You DO have to bleach your hair. No matter what your natural hair colour is, there is no getting away from bleaching your hair if you want to achieve any pastel hair colours. This is because pastel hair colours are extremely unnatural and to be able to add any of those colours to your hair successfully and vibrantly, first you must remove the darker pigments in your hair which can only be achieved by bleaching.

6) “Can I just bleach my hair once?”
No, that will not work unless your hair is naturally light blonde. Other than that, you need to bleach at least twice. For me, I had to bleach three times because my natural hair colour is black. Pastel hair colours cannot be applied on top of any colours darker than its colour. Think of this as a painting, once you’ve painted black on the canvas, you can’t go back and try to paint pink on top of the black colour and expect it to show.

7) “Why don’t you use permanent dye so you don’t have to worry about fading?”
For pastel colours, this is as permanent as it gets! What I’m using IS permanent colour but the painful truth is that pastel colours are just not here to stay. Because your hair has been bleached so many times and is completely damaged, your hair will no longer absorb the colour pigments as good as healthy hair, which is why it always results in fading.

8) “Is your hair damaged?”
Yes. My hair is incredibly damaged! But that’s the expected result of multiple bleaching. If you are looking to go pastel, you have to throw the words ‘healthy hair’ completely out the window right now and join the ‘hay club’ because healthy hair and pastel hair is just not going to happen.

9) “Does your damaged hair bother you?”
No it doesn’t. I know it sounds weird but I really hate it when my hair is in healthy condition! It’s always so flat and limp. Damaged hair tends to be easier to deal with because it’s coarse so therefore is more likely to stay in whatever shape you put it in. I actually like my hair damaged!

10) Does hair treatment/conditioning help?
Treatment or conditioning will help make your hair appear and feel silkier and healthier, but dead hair is dead hair. But yes, it does help with the dry/coarse (or what I like to refer to as ‘hay hair’) appearance and creates an illusion that your hair is healthy.


That’s all! I hope you guys found that useful! ❤

– Nün x

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

8 responses

  1. How do you keep it so blue though?! I’ve had blue hair before and even after washing it in cold water, it eventually shows green hair with mixes of yellow 😦

    • It does that with mine too 🙂 i just get it redyed when it starts to become too green. I just do it before it starts to show too much. Once every 2-3 months 🙂

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