[Dropout Dungarees]

I can’t believe that Nün Bangkok is on our fourth collection, sometimes it feels so unreal but here it is, another collection now live on

Tom and I have been designing, choosing fabrics, and testing out prototypes for months! We’ve been so excited to show you guys all the new pieces and I’m so thrilled that I can finally talk about them!

This newest piece shown above here is our very first overalls. I’ve always been a fan of dungarees, so when Tom finally suggested that we should have dungarees piece in LUMA, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We integrated mesh into the straps this time, as to infuse the spirit of Nün Bangkok into this piece.



[The Reel Bag]

I have to say that this drawstring bag is one of the pieces I’m most excited about! It’s inspired by our all-time favourite, classic Tank Slapper Pants from our very first collection. I’ve personally been using this bag every day for the past month! Usually black is my favourite for everything (for most people too!) but I have to say that for The Reel Bag, the Olive (shown above) is my favourite because the mesh pockets really stand out.


[The ‘Y’ Crop & The Tracker Pants]



[The Half Light Hood & The Half Light Pants]

Another new addition that we’ve really been having fun with is sheer fabric. We’ve never done anything quite like this before so we were extremely enthusiastic about putting these pieces together in creating something new for Nün Bangkok.


[Crosslight Bikini Bottoms & Crosslight Bikini Top]


[Jump Cut Swim]

We also have two new swimsuits, ready for the summer!



[The Tracer Jacket]

And last but not least, I like to call this ‘world’s lightest moto jacket’! It is completely unlined to make it summer-friendly! The mesh panels also make this jacket extremely breathable even for the hottest climates like Thailand!

These are only some of the LUMA pieces though, so if you have time, please do head over to our website to check out what Tom and I have been working on for months! And if you happen to want to grab some pieces, we have a discount code just for today (till end of 1st May) just enter ‘LUMA’ at checkout for 20% discount on everything in the store!


Designers: Nün Visitsak & Tom Shigeru Stannard

Model: Eye Sarucha

Photographer: Narin (Pan) Visitsak

Hair: Fah

3 responses

  1. While we have completely different sense of style, the dungarees for me is the winning piece and the only one in your collections that I like enough to want to get or that would translate to my style. LOVE IT. Can’t get it due to lack of funds but I adore it

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