White Is The New Black


I’m sure you guys have picked up on this, but all-white is definitely the new all-black.

I used to cringe at the thought of white pants as I felt there was no way they would look good on anyone. But here I am, bustin’ a pair of white jeans myself! Never say never, huh?

Recently, I find myself accidentally putting together an outfit that always turns out to be all-white. There’s just something about all-white outfits that fits together so perfectly, just as all-black outfits do! In my opinion, all-white outfits are as casual and as punchy as all-black outfits are – but what I love about them is that they just scream summer!

I know there’s tons of us out there that wear WAY too much black! So why not, tomorrow throw on the complete opposite and go all-white!


Top: Brandy Melville

Strappy Bra: Rebel

Jeans: Lenny Clothing

Creepers: TUK Footwear

Sunglasses: Mykita

Find my cute bff, Karen on:

Photography by Nicole Tran (@nictrick)






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