I can’t believe that Essy and I have known each other for almost two years now, but we haven’t had the chance to meet until just two weeks ago. For me, this has been a long awaited meetup as Essy holds a very special place in my heart for a reason I have never shared with anyone before!

When Tom and I started Nün Bangkok just a little over two years ago, the toughest obstacle was not coming up with ideas or executing them – it was getting our brand seen. This proved almost impossible as we were a completely unknown, new brand from Thailand (which makes it all the more difficult) and reaching out to bloggers to work with us yielded no results. This was nobody’s fault and I have always understood that. A brand with less than 100 followers on instagram did not sound like the best collaboration for bloggers to be reaching out to.

One day I was logging into my Nün Bangkok email as per usual. The night before I had sent out a bunch of emails to countless amounts of all my favourite bloggers. I had come to dread the act of checking my work email as I had quickly learnt to expect an empty inbox. To my surprise, an email sat in my inbox from ‘Essy Noir’ it said, the email titled ‘collaboration?’ Surely, this must be some sort of a mistake, or a spam account – I thought to myself.

I opened up the email and scanned through the words as quickly as I could, dying to find out what this was all about. Of course, I had read it so quickly that none of it made sense to me and the words had merged into a whole blob of gibberish. I took a deep breath and re-read it, calmly this time – word for word. It was all clear to me now, it certainly was no spam account. Essy, as she had introduced herself, expressed that she ‘loved’ our designs and would ‘love’ to collaborate with our brand!

I quickly punched in her instagram handle ‘@essynoir‘ into my phone and her account popped up immediately – this cotton-candied hair girl, big doughy eyes and a killer style! I ran straight to Tom, screaming in excitement about this coolest blogger that had written to us and I was so proud to show him her account. He was just as excited and immediately we sat down together to construct our very first collaboration email to a blogger.

It was then that we both realised, that we shouldn’t lose hope just because people don’t write back to our emails. Because one day a person will come along and appreciate our designs and all our hard work. Essy did, surely there would be more? And we weren’t wrong, after Essy had put up her very first picture rocking our original design (and now classics!) Tank Slapper Pants, our inbox started filling up with customer emails, blogger emails inquiring about our designs – and it had never stopped since. It wasn’t just that she was giving us the exposure, but more importantly that she was giving the pants her own spin on them, her own edge – that mattered.

If you are following Nün Bangkok on instagram (@nunbangkok) you can find Essy throughout our page, rocking all our different designs from all our collections (we’re now on our fourth collection and currently designing the fifth!). Nün Bangkok has got mad love for Essy as she had reached out to us and showed us love when the world seemed to be looking the other way, thus truly putting us on the map.


Shop the entire Nün Bangkok store at 10% discount with Essy’s code ESSY10

Photography by Aaron Sinclair





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