Head First


I’m finally back home in the familiar humidity of Bangkok after ten exhilarating days in LA once again. This time I dragged Tom out there with me to put our relocation to LA in full swing.

I have never understood the phrase ‘I left my heart in (insert city)’ until my last month’s trip to LA. The moment my plane took off from the coast of LA with me in it, I looked back longingly at the vast sunny city and I told myself that one day, I will make this my home. I sat in the grueling twenty-hour flight alone, in full suspense and anticipation of breaking the exciting news to Tom, one that I was sure he wasn’t going to turn down.

‘Let’s move to LA’, I blurted out at him over coffee the next morning.

With literally no pause and no surprise on his face, he replied ‘Okay! When?’

Then it began, the emotional roller coaster of being on top of the world and excited with our plans – then the very next minute being a complete emotional wreck from the uncertainty of it all. The original plan was that we would spend the next three to four years planning out our move and getting ready for it. But as the talk went on and the excitement grew, our plans went from zero to sixty within less than twenty-four hours. Now we were talking about moving within the next six months.

A lot of people have been asking me, ‘why the rush’? Well my answer is: why not? In three to four years I’d be thirty and if I’m ready now then what am I dragging this on for? Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way deluded about LA. It’s far from perfect – just like any other city. But what it is, is that it’s perfect for us. That’s all that matters. Everywhere we go there’ll be advantages and disadvantages and I have accepted that. To us, LA has everything to offer – room for the blog to grow, room for the brand to grow, beautiful weather all year round, my close friends, and the cherry on top is – it’s an extremely dog friendly city, perfect for Dot and Atlas.

No more waiting, no more being afraid. We both know that we want this and with the support and confidence in each other, we’re diving in – head first.

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)









9 responses

  1. I feel like I’m at this exact point in my life! Ready for a move and change without any feelings of being held back by anything. I actually also wanted to move to LA next year. Is there any chance you might blog about your process?

    health + fitness blog @ http://activelygemma.com

    • Hi Gemma!

      I’d say you go for it! And as for the blogging about the process, not sure what there is to blog about!! Let me know what you wanna know and ill see if I could make that work! ❤

      • Haha, I meant the apartment hunt (from long distance) and the moving across countries. I’ve always wondered how some people do it, and how they overcome the difficulties. But I’m sure I could also just Google it lol. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. So awesome Nün! So glad you’re following your heart and taking the next step. There are so many lovely people in LA too – and it seems that you definitely belong there. Really looking forward to seeing all the awesome photographs of LA that you’ll be making too! xx

    • hey babe! thank you so much! maybe hopefully one day you’ll end up in LA too? =P the blogging scene there is huge and the people are so amazing! I’m sure you’ll get on there just as well as i can! you could always go and visit and few times first and see how you like it? ❤

  3. Wow what a roller-coaster of emotions in this post! You two seem like such a supportive, loving and creatively compatible couple. Regardless of where you go, I’m sure you two can make it work.
    Good luck on your future ventures! I can’t wait to see your future photo shoots!

  4. How exciting girl! I am actually moving to LA in February from Bangkok too 🙂 I know Im a first-time commenter but definitely not first-time reader. Would love to meet up with you in either City of Angels xxx Amanda

    • Hi babe! Omg thats awesome! How long have u been in bkk for and what are you doing here? 🙂 unfortunately my move to LA has been pushed back for 2 more years, but ill make it out there in the end though!

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