Motel x Grace Neutral

IMG_7386etI’m a huge fan of wearing itty-bitty tops and shorts – but sometimes my itty-bitty pieces are just so tiny that I feel I need to balance them out with something else! In this case, I’ve paired the tiny pieces with this statement kimono from Motel Rocks’ newest collaboration with Grace Neutral. The length of the kimono helps create an illusion, making the shorts not look as tiny as they actually are. Both its statement print and over-sized look really helps draw the entire outfit together.

Because of my petite size, sometimes wearing too many baggy pieces in one outfit can end up making me look short and frumpy. My personal rule for dressing up baggier pieces is to pair them with fitted pieces to avoid me looking like I’m drowning in all the fabric. And of course, it wouldn’t be completely me if I didn’t throw on the biggest pair of platforms!

~ Nün

Kimono: Motel x Grace Neutral

Top: So Noire (Get it here)

Shorts: TopShop

Platforms: UNIF (Get them here)

Sunglasses: LeSpecs

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)





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